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Please bring the following items the first time you visit our office.

1. Your physician’s prescription

2. Your insurance information

3. A photo ID

Patients are referred to Claiborne Prosthetics and Orthotics from a medical doctor with a prescription for an orthotic or prosthetic device.  The patient will be evaluated by an American Board Certified Practitioner for a treatment plan.

Orthotic patients will have two appointments: 

1. The first appointment is a full evaluation and casting if the device is custom.

2. The second appointment is a fitting and delivery of the device.  All follow-up and adjustments are free, but an appointment must be made ahead of time.

Prosthetic patients will visit us on an ongoing bases:

Patients will come to our office 2-3 times before receiving their first prosthesis.  At Claiborne P&O, we believe that starting a new amputee with a preparatory prosthesis is the most appropriate route.  During the first 6-8 weeks of having a prosthesis the residual limb will shrink a significant amount.  Fitting a preparatory prosthesis allows the patient’s limb to shrink and mature before being fit with a definitive prosthesis, made of carbon fiber, with a more ground complaint foot. Only a casting appointment and delivery appointment are needed for the preparatory prosthesis. 


The fabricating and delivery process for a definitive prosthesis takes several more visits.

1. During the first appointment, the prosthetist will do an evaluation to get to know the patient and their activities of daily living.  A cast of your residual limb may be taken at this appointment; this process normally takes between thirty minutes and one hour. Between your casting and your next appointment, our Prosthetist will modify the mold of your limb and produce a diagnostic socket made of clear, rigid plastic.

2. At the fitting appointment the Prosthetist will have you put the prosthesis on and stand in the parallel bars, and take some steps if possible. Since the socket is transparent, the Prosthetist can see exactly how your residual limb fits inside, and the Prosthetist can then make adjustments as needed. This appointment normally takes one hour.

3. After the diagnostic fitting, the Prosthetist fabricates the prosthetic socket for the delivery appointment. This socket is made of carbon fiber and can be finished to match your skin tone, or customized with a design of your choice. The finished prosthesis consists of the socket, components and prosthetic foot. At this appointment the patient will learn how to put on and take off the prosthesis and how to take care of and clean your prosthesis. Our jobs as Prosthetists is to make sure our patients are walking to the best of their ability. 


4. Alignment changes are made to the prosthesis to achieve the most optimal gait. As the patient becomes stronger from attending physical therapy with their prosthesis, more alignment changes may be needed as well as adjustments to the socket to keep the prosthesis fitting properly and comfortably. 

At Claiborne Prosthetics and Orthotics we ask that our patients contact our office anytime that they need to be seen.  You do not have to wait until your next appointment date.  We like to stay ahead of problems so that our patients can enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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