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"My name is Kahleah and I am 6 years old. I love to run, jump, swim and like to go to the park and play. As soon as I get up in the morning and my feet hit floor I don’t stop until my mama makes me. So when it’s time for bed my legs are hurting because I have done so much through out the day. My mama rubs them to help them not hurt. Sometimes it hurts so bad I cry. I have low muscle tone in my hips and legs. This causes me to trip and fall a lot. Sometimes I trip over my own feet. Claiborne Prosthetics has made me a set of braces designed and fitted just for me. Since I have been wearing my braces I can run and play with all of my friends and I don’t trip and fall like I use to. My legs and feet don’t hurt like they use to either. If you get a chance to design and get your own set of braces you will be so happy that you did. Thank you Claiborne Prosthetics for making my life and my mama’s live easier and taking good care of me."


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